What Is The Best Magnesium Supplement?

Magnesium is an essential mineral used in multiple systems and processes our bodies complete every single day.

From your nerves to your muscles, magnesium plays an important role in keeping our bodies fit and healthy.

What Is The Best Magnesium Supplement

So, if you are lacking magnesium in your body, you will probably need a supplement to help get your levels back to normal. 

But which is the best magnesium supplement? 

Here are some of the best magnesium supplements recommended by fitness and nutrition experts so you can make sure you are getting the best help possible from your magnesium supplement. 

Things To Consider

The issue with choosing the ‘best’ magnesium supplement is that what defines ‘best’ is not the same for everyone.

Some people are more concerned about the strength of their magnesium supplements, others need their supplements to be below a certain cost, and others need a magnesium supplement that they can take with ease. 

There are a lot of factors to consider when finding the right magnesium supplement for you.

Here are a few factors we looked at and considered when choosing the best magnesium supplements on our list. 

  • Supplement Strength - Some magnesium supplements are stronger than others and ideally, most people want as much magnesium as possible. However, everyone is different and perhaps you need less than 400 mg per tablet for you to stay healthy, while others need a much stronger dosage. 

  • Affordability -  Some people will be looking for magnesium supplements while on a tight budget so finding an affordable magnesium supplement is a must!  

  • Type Of Supplement - There are different types of magnesium supplements out there ranging from gummies to liquids to tablets. Which is best for you depends on which you prefer. Some people cannot swallow tablets while others cannot enjoy gummies because they conflict with other dietary restrictions. So, think about which type of supplement is best for you. 

  • Additional Benefits - Some supplements chemically combine magnesium with other minerals to help them be absorbed by the body, but these additional minerals can offer additional benefits - or risks!

Because everyone has different needs, it’s impossible to find an ultimate magnesium supplement which towers above the rest.

So, here are some of our favorite magnesium supplements which vary in price and type so everyone can find the best magnesium supplement for them. 

Best Magnesium Supplements


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Mag-Ox’s magnesium supplement is easily one of the most highly-concentrated magnesium supplements out there with 483 mg per dose, making it highly effective to help maintain normal nerve and heart functions in your body. 

This supplement is in the form of a tablet, making it flavorless and safe for most people as it doesn’t contain any allergens like milk, eggs, soy, or animal byproducts.

As a result, Mag-Ox magnesium supplement is the go to option for a lot of people who hate the taste of gummies or have dietary restrictions.

There are 240 tablets in a double pack, costing an affordable $0.13 per tablet, so it’s also accessible to a lot of people. 

As for additional support, Mag-Ox magnesium supplements also help support both calcium and potassium absorption, which are two other minerals that offer serious benefits to your body. 

With additional benefits and ease of access, it’s easy to see why Mag-Ox made it to the top of our list!


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Another coated tablet type of magnesium supplement is the one on offer through Nature Made.

Their magnesium citrate dietary supplement offers 250 mg per serving which is a lot less than the Mag-Ox magnesium supplement but there is an extra strong Nature Made magnesium supplement with a much higher 400 mg per serving. 

But the reason why we choose the Nature Made magnesium citrate supplement over its stronger alternative is due to its affordability.

It costs only $0.11 per tablet so this lower cost can help those with a tight budget find a magnesium supplement in their price range. 

Another benefit the Nature Made magnesium citrate supplement offers is how it is much more likely to be absorbed by your body.

Because the magnesium is combined with citrate, it’s much easier for the body to absorb the magnesium meaning that it can be more effective than pure magnesium supplements! 


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Not everyone can swallow tablets so if you need an alternative type of magnesium supplement, then this liquid version on offer from RnA ReSet is definitely one for you to try out! 

It is a bit more costly than tablet alternatives at $0.31 per serving, and there’s only 150 mg of magnesium per serving which is way below the supplements we mentioned above.

However, this supplement also provides you with plenty of calcium and chloride (see also: What Magnesium Chloride Used For?)too for healthy bones and balanced body fluids. 

So, while a tablet magnesium supplement may be better in terms of strength and affordability, this liquid supplement is vegan friendly and accessible to those who cannot swallow tablets! 


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Some people prefer to take gummies over tablets or liquid supplements because they’re tastier, help you avoid snacking, and are still pretty affordable. 

The magnesium citrate gummies from Vitamatic are priced at $0.19 per gummy in a pack of 60 gummies.

This makes these gummies pretty affordable when compared to the options above.

Plus, they’re pretty strong - two gummies a day will allegedly provide you with 600 mg of magnesium!  

Other benefits include that these gummies are vegan friendly and don’t contain a lot of allergens, they come with a natural raspberry flavor, and they’re super easy to purchase and take. 

Final Thoughts

So, even though there is no ‘ultimate’ best magnesium supplement for all, there are tons of different options so everyone is sure to find the best choice for them.

Each option varies in strength per dose, type of supplement, and a price - so you have a ton of choices to choose from! 

Check out our top picks above so you can find the best magnesium supplement for you!

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