What Is Marine Collagen?

One of the most popular substances in skin care is collagen. It has made the transition to nutritional supplements.

While, the interest in the potential health benefits of eating this protein isn’t likely to wane anytime soon.

What Is Marine Collagen?

Collagen is being incorporated into supplements and a wide range of meals as research into its advantages expands.

The finest sources of collagen are up for discussion, though, just like other protein sources.

As the name suggests, marine collagen is only made (see also: How Is Collagen Made?)from marine-dwelling materials including skin, fish scales, and bones. The acceptance and call for this collagen has grown in recent years, as the market booms. 

In this article, we will discuss what marine collagen is and the benefits it can have from taking a marine collagen supplement. 

About Marine Collagen

The most prevalent protein in our bodies is collagen, but as time goes on, our bodies make less and less of it. Taking supplements with a decent source of collagen is crucial to maintaining the strength and health of our bodies.

This is because the majority of us do not consume enough collagen through our meals. 

Marine collagen supplements can be useful in this situation. It is a type 1 collagen, which is very accessible. It contains high concentrations of glycine and proline, two of the nine necessary amino acids. 

In addition to this, marine collagen, either from the skin or scales of fish, serves as the sole source of marine collagen supplements. There are numerous advantages of marine collagen supplements. 

Further on in this article, we go into more detail about these benefits. 

Marine Collagen Is Easy To Absorb 

One advantage of marine collagen is its superior bioavailability and absorption. Among all collagen kinds, marine collagen seems to have the smallest particle size as well as lowest molecular weight.

Which makes it easier for it to cross the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream to provide better feeding, healing, and repair. 

One of the greatest and most efficient varieties of collagen is marine collagen, which can be absorbed up to 1.5 times more effectively than other types.

Marine Collagen Is A Type 1 Collagen

Type 1 collagen makes up the majority of marine collagen. The body contains more than forty different varieties of collagen, but type 1 collagen is the most prevalent type there is.

Type 1 is important for teeth, tendons, skin, muscles and ligaments. 

When it comes to marine collagen supplements, you may find types 2 and 3 have been added, which also helps with joints and skin. 

Environmentally Friendly

The most environmentally responsible source of collagen is marine collagen. Experts recently found out that 60% of by-products of fish processing are wasted.

Yet, these by-products, particularly the collagen-rich fish skin, offer incredible health-boosting effects. 

Hence, marine collagen is produced from the by-products, such as the fish skin. Which lessens environmental contamination and offers a superior and advantageous supply of collagen protein.

Beauty And Health Benefits Of Marine Collagen

Our body’s capacity to make new collagen reduces with age, and the current collagen starts to degrade. Our skin, joints, and bones age due to collagen loss.

Beauty And Health Benefits Of Marine Collagen

Then the lack of collagen can aggravate digestion issues, weaken the immune system, and raise the risk of serious disease.

Thankfully, marine collagen has a lot of health benefits, which can be improved by taking a marine collagen supplement.

These include the following:

Bone Strength – According to studies, marine collagen supplements may aid in the absorption of minerals like calcium.

Additionally, by supporting bone-building cells, which are crucial for bone strength, marine collagen supplements (see also: How Long Does It Take For Collagen Supplements To Work?  )may boost collagen production in the bones.

Decrease Aging – By taking a marine supplement, research has shown that you may be able to enhance your skin’s firmness and hydration. This in turn will prevent wrinkles from forming. 

Supporting Blood Sugar Levels – Unlike other kinds of collagen, marine collagen has a distinctive amino acid profile, with higher levels of glycine.

The positive functions of glycine in the body are still being uncovered by researchers, particularly in regard to maintaining normal blood sugar levels. 

Low blood glycine levels have been linked to decreased glucose tolerance, which raises the possibility that low glycine can cause insulin resistance and eventually diabetes.

Hence, by taking a supplement, you may be able to keep these levels more controlled. 

Reduce Scars And Encourages Wound Healing – Taking marine collagen supplements may help wounds heal more quickly and completely.

Collagen is essential for skin regeneration following any kind of skin damage including scars, rashes, and burns. Thus, marine collagen encourages collagen to heal wounds quicker and reduce any scars or rashes on your body as well. 

How Can You Start Taking Marine Collagen?

There are a lot of marine collagen supplements available for you to purchase either in store or online. It is important you do your research to make sure that these supplements contain everything that you need. 

Most health stores will sell marine collagen supplements. Although, it is important that you speak with a medical professional before you start to take anything new, especially if you have any existing health conditions. 

Usually one scoop or one pill a day, and you will soon start seeing the results. However, it is known that it can take anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks to start seeing skin results after taking a daily marine collagen supplement


Marine collagen is an important protein that can be found in our body. However, as we produce less as we get older, you may want to consider taking a marine collagen supplement.

These supplements have various health and beauty benefits that will keep you looking young and strong. There are various benefits being revealed as more research is being conducted. 

We hope this article has been useful. Hopefully, now you have a better idea on what marine collagen is.

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