How To Cleanse The Lymph System With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is often used to detox the body. This is because when it is in its raw form it includes a number of enzymes and other body boosting benefits.

Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains a lot of good bacteria due to it going through a fermentation process. Because of this, you may notice that the bottle you buy includes the ‘mother’.

How To Cleanse The Lymph System With Apple Cider Vinegar

This jelly blob that sits on the inside of the bottle is full of amazingly healthy stuff that is beneficial for our gut health. In fact, if you want to eat this jelly-like substance, then go ahead.

Due to apple cider vinegar, or ACV for short, having been used for several ailments over the last hundred years or so, we have come to learn that it may have a number of health benefits.

One of these is helping to cleanse the lymph system. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at how you can cleanse the lymph system using apple cider vinegar (see also: How Long Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For?). 

What Is The Lymph System In Our Body?

The lymph system is often referred to as the sewerage system. This is because it helps to maintain the body’s fluid levels within the tissue by removing any fluid which leaks out of blood vessels.

The lymph, or lymphatic, system plays a key role in making sure the body works correctly, and for ensuring that the body’s immune system responds as it should. 

Because it is considered to be a part of the immune system, it also releases white blood cells. These are needed to destroy the likes of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. 

To put it simply, the lymph system is a central part of the body and needs to stay (see also: How Long Does Ashwagandha Stay In Your System?) healthy to work properly!

How Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help With The Lymph System?

Apple cider vinegar (see also: How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair Dandruff)has well-known health benefits that can detox the body, including the lymph system. This is the reason many people rely on ACV over a few weeks at a time. 

Apple cider vinegar is said to have the ability to bind itself to toxins which form inside the body. The potassium that is included within raw apple cider vinegar (see also: How To Dissolve Kidney Stones With Apple Cider Vinegar)helps to break down some of the mucus which builds up over time in a person’s body.

In doing so it clears the lymphatic system, ensuring that the lymph system can do its job properly at removing toxins from the body itself. 

Why Do Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse?

An apple cider vinegar cleanse is a great way to remove excess toxins from the lymph system. Not only that, it doubles up as a way to flush out your gut too.

For this reason, if you have just followed a bowel cleanse, then you may find the apple cider vinegar lymph cleanse ideal. This is because it will remove any remaining mucus from your intestines and provide you with a healthy boost. 

However, when you take part in a cleanse, ensure that you only spend up to 3 days doing so. A cleanse is only a short-term goal, and should not be something that you add to your diet long-term.

How To Prepare For An Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse?

You may want to follow a vegan diet a week before you do the apple cider vinegar lymph cleanse. This also includes having no sugar, flour or soy.

Instead, make the most of eating a plant-based diet. However, once you get to two days before the day of the cleanse, eat only raw vegetables and fruit, as well as nuts and seeds.

You will also want to pick one type of juice to use for the cleanse. We recommend drinking either grape, carrot, or apple due to them having a good alkaline effect.

You will also be drinking prune juice with added lemon juice – and this is not optional! Just remember to only drink room temperature juice rather than cold. 

How To Cleanse The Lymph System With Apple Cider Vinegar 2

How To Do The Three Day Apple Cider Vinegar Lymph System Cleanse?

Here is how to do the three day apple cider vinegar lymph system cleanse:

  • Morning – drink a glass of water. Follow this with eight ounces of prune juice with lemon juice added. This will promote a bowel movement. Remember to drink it slowly throughout the early morning.
  • Rest of day – over the course of the day you will need to slowly drink a glass of water, followed by a glass of your chosen juice. Do this by alternating which one you drink for the rest of the day.
  • Exercise – you will want to keep your lymph system moving. You can do this by doing 30 minutes of exercise each day. This could be walking, swimming, or even yoga – among so much more. Avoid anything rigorous. 

Over the course of the day you will want to add any of these ingredients to 3 of your drinks:

  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • A tablespoon of oil – flaxseed, borage, or wheat germ
  • A teaspoon of cayenne pepper

A person who weighs over 125 pounds and is healthy should consume close to two gallons of liquid. If you weigh under 125 pounds or have health issues, then you should consume a lot less.

Final Thoughts

An apple cider vinegar lymph system cleanse is great for removing the toxins from your body and gut. It only takes 3 days to do, and can help to promote a healthy body.

Plus, you get to enjoy natural food without processed sugars and snacks.  

However, while dizziness, a headache and nausea may come on due to a cleanse, if you feel like you cannot handle the cleanse, do stop.

A cleanse is not for everyone, and you may benefit from taking an apple cider supplement instead, and having a lymphatic massage. 

While the latter will not cleanse you from the inside out, it can help keep you healthy.

If you do opt for an apple cider vinegar cleanse, then no doubt you will reap the benefits!

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